Goal Zero Launches in BCF

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Goal Zero Launches in BCF

AMK Enterprises has secured Goal Zero a spot in BCF, Australia’s largest boating, camping and fishing store!

Goal Zero are the solar power leaders and innovators and their range of portable solar equipment is perfect to take camping to stay recharged.

BCF will be stocking the Goal Zero best-selling Yeti as well as a wide range of lighting and solar panels.

The Yeti 400 Solar Generator is the best-selling Goal Zero product for a reason. Quiet and portable this solar generator can power lights, TV’s and fridges. Safe to use indoors and in cars the Yeti 400 Solar Generator is capable of keeping you powered wherever you go, especially when paired with compatible Solar Panels.

Goal Zero’s Nomad 7 Plus is a rugged and weatherproof solar panel perfect for charging devices such as smart phones and hand-held cameras. The detachable kickstand works alongside other features to optimise solar input to match the devices output needs.

And finally, the Lighthouse 400 doubles as a light and power source so you can stay charged with an adjustable light wherever you are. Able to be recharged with a compatible solar panel or hand crank, the Lighthouse 400 is perfect to light up any camping trip.

BCF saw the success from their sister store Rays Outdoors which was a big contributing factor rolling out Goal Zero into their 137 stores nationwide.

Select products are available for direct purchase through the BCF website or their retail outlets.

If you are interested in any extra information regarding Goal Zero products feel free to contact us here or on 07 3245 6190.


When the QCA Griffith Art Students Takeover

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This week the AMK and Goal Zero Australia HQ was taken over by QCA Griffith art students to complete an assessment piece for their summer elective entitled The Street.  After three days of painting the 9m wall mural, Adventure Anywhere, was completed to help transform a blank wall into an artistic masterpiece!

The life-size mural features native scribbly gums and vibrant pops of colour depicting adventure activities, from camping to rock climbing and kayaking. The mural design has been created from the student’s interpretation of what both AMK and Goal Zero Australia brands encompass as the fabric of our brand framework. This artwork allows us to create an mindful office for workers and will add energy to our casual meeting space when customers, clients and retailers come to visit our Capalaba office.

This course was led by QCA Lecturer Simon Degroot. He said the goal of The Street was to broaden the student’s art making experiences by encouraging team work and community engagement.

“These students come from a range of disciplines and experience levels,” he said.

This summer elective is also a great way for the art students to have commercial experience and work with a business to develop a concept that has both artistic merit and meet the brief of the client. It was fantastic to work with the students to achieve this outcome and the finished mural has exceeded our expectations taking our office to the next level. This mural marks the start of our office renovations that will be taking place in the first quarter of 2017.

It was an absolute pleasure to have the students in our office for three days to share their energy and enthusiasm and really leave their mark at our HQ. This mural also comes at a pivotal time of growth for AMK and will be symbolic as we enter 2017 with some pretty big ambitions. A BIG thank you to Simon and all of the students involved for creating a piece of art that is beyond what we could have ever imagined!

If you are interested in having your office space transformed as part of The Street project, you can contact Simon Degroot on s.degroot@griffith.edu.au to register your interest for the next semester.  Visit the Griffith website to learn more about what happens when you take art out of the classroom.


2380qca_the_street_mural_1-lr 2380qca_the_street_mural_2-lr


That day we trained with Rays

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Our National Sales Manager, Michael, spent the evening with Rays Outdoors in Majura Park, NSW to carry out some very exciting training on our range of Goal Zero and Klymit products. The night involved testing out some sleeping mats, perhaps with a few heads nodding off, not because the night was boring but because the v chambers on a Klymit mat are just way to comfy. Once the post-work naps were over it was then time to play with Goal Zero gadgets, test lighting and charge various devices.

It was a pleasure spending some time with the staff at Rays to show off our exclusive AMK product lineup. However, to make the training exciting, we kept things interactive and had some fun, enter Kahoot! If you haven’t used this web-based software, it allows you to build real-time quiz for participants to enter through their phone… Think fast finger on hot seat…. let the competition begin, because some Goal Zero gear is up for grabs! It’s game on!

Over the coming months, we will be conducting training within all the Rays Outdoors stores to get the staff up to speed with our latest products, and we love meeting the teams at each of the individual stores. We have also just started rolling out this type of training with all our retailers, so  if you would like to be one of the first few retailers to be apart of our new interactive training please contact your area manager or call us on 07 3245 6190. Because trained staff, are happy staff, and happy staff sell more product! Staff also love winning Goal Zero chargers, just saying!

rays-outdoor-training-5 rays-outdoor-training-3 rays-outdoor-training-2 rays-outdoor-training-1


Happy Birthday Bryce! When the universe sometimes just aligns…

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So, how the story starts, it starts with a wife called Merolyn and a husband named Bryce….Over the last weekend Merolyn placed a surprise order for her husbands birthday  in the coming week with Action Gear Australia, one of our retailers for Goal Zero. She was looking for something that would totally surprise him and knock his socks off, and Goal Zero portable solar power was the perfect gift.

Action Gear sent through an email for a usual order it went something like this, “May I please order have a Yeti 400 and Nomad 20 and it needs to be in Cairns for a birthday present on Friday.” Our first thoughts, were a little mixed, we didn’t want to disappoint, but presently we have a few out of stock issues, whilst not ideal, we are not the only business in the world to be faced with the problem of running out of popular products. When stuff happens beyond your control you just need to try and do your best in the meantime and make things work to the best of your ability, that’s life. We wrote back with a standard, “We can supply you a Nomad 20, but unfortunately the Yeti 400 is such a popular and amazing product we are out of stock for the next two-three weeks, sadly it won’t make it in time for Bryce’s birthday.” We felt bad we couldn’t deliver, but sometimes you just need to be patient and wait, the Yeti’s are coming! We promise!

Fast-forward to Friday 14th October, and sometimes the universe just makes way for Birthday wishes to come true. If we rewind a few months back, we had a truck deliver some Yeti’s and a few Yeti 400’s boxes were damaged and then moved to a separate part of our warehouse. The Yeti’s were still perfect inside and working as per normal, but the boxes had a few dents. We moved on the other Yeti’s, but we forgot we actually had one left! A day after we received the email from Action Gear, our warehouse had a spring clean and in due course we stumbled across the last Yeti we had, we knew it was destined for Bryce, the timing was meant to be. However, by this stage we have the problem of shipping the present to Cairns for the Friday birthday… Well, the story gets even better… Our director, Adrian, happened to be driving through Cairns on his birthday, so we knocked on the front door and said, “Hello Bryce, happy birthday from Action Gear and Goal Zero!”

And that’s the story of how Bryce got a Yeti for his birthday! Sometimes the universe just aligns perfectly.