Lynx Hooks – Light Sports Straps – Black Tactical Set of 2 Straps

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Lynx hooks are fully adjustable from 19″ to 45″ (that’s 48cm to 114cm).

With traditional bungee cords, you usually end up carrying a bucketful of differing lengths around, or tie knots to get the right length. You only need one Lynx strap to cover anything between 48cm and 114cm, and if that’s not enough for you, you can securely link two straps together to make one solid double-length strap.

Lynx straps can be hooked on to an anchor point and then adjusted to the correct tension.

So no more “bungee-backfire” (or bungee catapult) while trying to stretch-and-hook a conventional bungee cord.

Use the interlocking hooks to link Lynx tiedowns together in a line, making one secure strap of limitless length.

Even better – interlock three, four, five, and more hooks together to make a spider net or custom cargo net to exactly fit your needs.

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  • Interlocking patented LYNX Hooks tie downs
  • Quick and secure adjust from 48cm – 144cm
  • Click hooks together face-to-face for longer tie-down, or in a front-to-back cluster for a cargo net
  • Inline tensioner and quick-release buckle for secure adjustability and fast and quiet disconnect.
  • Attractive and safety-conscious stitching on black cover.

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