Behind the Scenes of Canon Collective

A few months back we joined Canon Collective on Moreton Island and we haven’t really stopped talking about it since.

We went over for the annual photography festival which the Canon Collective set up in different locations every year.

It was such a great time so we thought we’d give you guys a behind the scenes look at what went down. Here’s an exclusive look at what we do for our brands.

Our Goal Zero Lithium Range was the sole source of power for the Camera recharging station and Camera Flashes whilst out on the remote desert shoot.

And our Wildhorn Outfitters Seaview 180 Full Face Mask was used for all the underwater shoots.

For us, doing events like this for our brands is so important. We love being given the opportunity to teach others how to make the most out of their adventures and the outdoors with our gear.

We look forward to the future opportunities in 2018 to educate individuals on how to incorporate our brands into their outdoor adventures.