AMK are adding to their ‘products like no other’ gear line and can confirm appointment as the official distributor for Lynx Hooks in Australia. Say goodbye to your bungy cords and occy straps forever! Lynx Hooks will change the way you secure your gear. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

What are Lynx Hooks?

LYNX Hooks are a light-utility tiedown sport stretch strap that are far superior to old fashioned bungee cords and occy straps. Whether you are at work or play, Lynx Hooks are going to become your must-have tool for securing your gear.

These tiedown straps use a patented design that were cleverly engineered to fit the loops, grommets, and bars on most of the stuff everybody uses. Lynx Hooks are easily adaptable to multiple tasks and incredibly handy to store in your shed or camping equipment. This innovative design uses top shelf materials and boast meticulous quality control at time of production. The hooks’ design ensure they click securely together — you can feel and hear them lock — yet they’ll obediently come apart when (and only when) you tell them to, by pinching the pair in just the right place. This face-to-face connection lets you join two or more straps together in a line, to make a unified strap that’s as long as the job requires. The design is genius.

Watch the video to see how they work… 

Why Lynx Hooks and AMK are just like burgers and fries, a perfect match!

AMK welcome Lynx Hooks as the latest brand to their superior product line up, fitting in with our unique product range alongside Goal Zero, Klymit, Disc-O-Bed and Barebones. All these brands boast unique features in the market place whilst utilising the best quality to deliver award winning products with a strong brand following. Lynx Hooks will be suitable for a variety of retailers including hardware, camping and 4WD drive stores to name a few.

If you are interested in stocking Lynx Hooks at your retail outlet please call 07 3245 6190 or fill out the form below to find out further information.

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